In today's digitalizing world, digitalization is also increasing in dentistry. Digital dentistry is one of the most searched topics by patients on the internet and social media. So what has digitization brought to dentistry? What did it gain?

Digital Dentistry / Dt. Cem Harbalioglu (Dentist)
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8 June 2023
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In today's digitalizing world, digitalization is also increasing in dentistry. Digital dentistry is one of the most searched topics by patients on the internet and social media. So what has digitization brought to dentistry? What did it gain?

First of all, let's explain what digital dentistry is:

Digital dentistry is the procedures performed with the classical methods in dentistry with the help of an intraoral scanner and computer. Intraoral scanners, photographs, smile design programs, CAD-CAM devices are the main equipment.

One of the most important advantages of digital dentistry is the ability to design an aesthetic smile. With the help of intraoral scanners, the individual can make the desired changes in accordance with the face and mouth structure, control the contact points with the opposing tooth, make virtually abrading, adding, changing contours, increasing or decreasing the frequency of contact points with the opposite teeth, on the teeth converted into three-dimensional form with the help of intraoral scanners allows.

Thanks to digital dentistry, the images of the possible finished teeth are matched with the real face photograph of the individual, and the dentist and the individual have the opportunity to see the new restoration before it is finished. This not only reduces the possibility of encountering surprises and therefore the cost, but also saves time.

Thanks to digital measurements, measurement success has reached maximum levels in patients with nausea reflex.

With digital dentistry, studies can be carried out even between countries today.

Physicians also have the chance to follow the changes in the mouth in the long term, thanks to the digital storage of the records of the individuals they are dealing with.


 What are the treatments with digital dentistry?

• Restoration of excessively damaged teeth after root canal treatment

• Replacing previously restored teeth with more aesthetic and more compatible restorations

• Inlay-onlay porcelain fillings

• Full porcelain restorations on Dental Implants


 What are the advantages of digital dentistry?

 • Treatment time is minimized. With the computer system, applications can be made in a single session in the clinical environment and dental treatments can be completed within two hours.

• CAD CAM has increased the success and aesthetics of implant treatments.

• It has increased the possibility of using materials with high aesthetic and biological compatibility.

• The CAD CAM system has eliminated traditional measuring.

• Digital/optical measurement is taken.

• By using this system, the upper restoration of the tooth that is treated in the same session can be completed. The biggest advantage of these systems for both the patient and the physician is that the treatment can be completed in a much shorter time, such as both aesthetics and a single session.

• It is the absence of the nausea reflex created by the measurements taken from the patient's mouth using impression materials before.

• Thanks to CAD CAM, advances in digital dentistry have reduced the causes of failure due to dentist and dental technician.


How long does it take to take an impression and make a tooth?

 It takes 3-5 minutes to measure with an intraoral scanner. Your new tooth is prepared and bonded on the same day.


What are the materials used in digital dentistry?

The choice of material is determined by the physician according to the region of the teeth to be made and the intensity of the incoming forces. ZIRCONIUM EMPRESS COMPOSITE and COMPOSITE PORCELAIN mixture materials are used in digital dentistry.


Digital dentistry and smile design:

Smile design; It is the evaluation of smile aesthetics, which is the result of detailed analyzes of dental aesthetics, which also deals with the relations of teeth, gums, lips with each other.

Intraoral images taken with an intraoral scanner and profile images of the patients are brought together in the computer environment. In this way, we can transfer the images of our patients to digital media in 3D.

Images transferred to digital media; It allows us to measure, design and make changes on it as we want. We are able to obtain the possible finished state of the teeth in advance by making abrasion, insertion, contact point controls and contour changes in the designed teeth.

If we wish, we can show in advance what kind of smile our patients can achieve after the procedure by combining the images of these designed teeth in the mouth with the profile images of the patient



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