Just as plastic surgery is needed in other parts of the body, the same is true for our genitals. It is quite natural for a woman to be dissatisfied with the appearance of her genitals, and she has the opportunity to correct it with the plastic surgeries we perform.

Genital Aesthetics -4 / Op. Dr. Lale Çetin (Gynecology And Obstetrics Specialist)
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29 September 2023
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Chapter 4: HYMENOPLASTI (Hymen Stitching)


In the first part of my blog posts titled “Genital Aesthetics”, I first defined genital aesthetics and classified the types of applications and surgeries for genital aesthetics. My article on "Labiaplasty" (inner lip aesthetics) and "Vaginoplasty", which are the most common applications in the field of genital aesthetics, formed the second part of the blog series. In the third chapter, I covered the subject of "Vagina Tightening with HIFU Method" and "G Spot Filling" known as "Orgasm Vaccine". I will have completed my blog series with the topics of "Genital PRP Application", "Large Lip Filling", "Barbie Vagina Aesthetics" and "Hymenoplasty" (Hymen Repair) that I will cover in the fourth chapter.


Genital PRP Applications

It is the application of the plasma prepared from the person's own blood to the inner and outer genital area. PRP is very effective in wound healing and tissue regeneration. For this reason, PRP applications are very common and popular today in issues such as rejuvenation of the genital area and sexual reluctance.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a treatment made by injecting it into injured or damaged tissues. PRP, this treatment method is widely used in many parts of the body except the genital area. It finds use in many fields such as joint pain, injuries, tendon injuries, muscle strains and skin rejuvenation in different medical branches.

Where is genital PRP used?

- It is used to the inner and outer genital area, G point.

What are the uses of genital PRP?

- Rejuvenation, tightening and bleaching of the outer lips

- Urinary incontinence (applied between the upper wall of the vagina and the urethra)

- Improvement of episiotomy (normal birth incision) scar

- Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse (applied into the vagina)

- For orgasm therapy (applied to sensitive points of clitoris, G-spot and vagina)

Who is not applied to genital PRP?

- It is not applied to those who have serious coagulation disorders, those who use blood thinners, and those who have chronic liver disease. Pregnancy and postpartum period are also not suitable for application.

How long is the genital PRP procedure? Will I feel pain?

- It takes an average of 1 hour to collect, prepare and administer blood. No pain is felt.


Big Lip Fillers

There may be sagging, loss of volume and saturation in the outer or large lips due to weight gain, loss, hormones, age, etc. And this can give an aged look.

For this purpose, long-acting fillers containing long-acting hyaluronic acid are used to give the outer lips a more voluminous and youthful appearance.


Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

These are the procedures in which one or more of the combined genital aesthetic procedures are very popular and in demand today. It includes the operations listed below:

- Inner lip surgeries

- Clitoris aesthetics (Hudoplasty)

- Mons pubis (Venus hill) aesthetics

- Genital area whitening

- External lip aesthetic operations


Hymenoplasty (Hymen Stitching)

In our society, the hymen is still among the biggest problems of women due to social reasons. The hymen is located within a few centimeters of the vaginal entrance. If it is elastic, sometimes there may be no bleeding with intercourse.

The Latin name of the hymen is 'hymen' and therefore the repair surgery is called hymenoplasty.

It is repaired in two ways as temporary and permanent method. Temporary method is done 1 week before the wedding, and flap method (tissue shifting) is used as permanent method.

Will there be definite bleeding after hymen repair?

- Yes, bleeding occurs in the first intercourse after the procedure.

Does hymenoplasty affect my daily life?

- No, it doesn't. You can have the procedure done on the same day and continue your daily routine.

Is anesthesia applied during hymenoplasty?

- This is a situation that depends on the patient's preference. We can do it under local or light general anesthesia.

Can it be understood that I have a hymenoplasty?

- Hymenoplasty is not a procedure that can be understood from the outside, because the hymen is located inside the vagina, close to the entrance. It is impossible for anyone to notice this operation.

My hymen is flexible, can I have a hymenoplasty?

- If you think that it will cause you problems because there will be no bleeding, we can restore the hymen to a form that can normally bleed with Hymenoplasty.

How long does the hymenoplasty procedure take?

- It is completed in about 15-20 minutes.


We have come to the end of my article on 'Genital Aesthetics', which consists of 4 parts. I hope that I have helped you with this article on these taboo subjects and answered your questions. 

Stay well...




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