Halitosis, which is very common today, including in civilized societies, is also a cause of injury with social dimensions and brings psychological problems.

Halitosis / Spc. Dr. Omer Faruk Yolcu (Gastroenterology)
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26 March 2023
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What is Halitosis?

Halitosis, which is very common today, including in civilized societies, is also a cause of injury with social dimensions and brings psychological problems. Halitosis makes a person lose self-confidence. It is a sociopsychological problem that can lead to exclusion from society and even divorce of married couples. In Hebrew society, the presence of halitosis in one of the spouses was a sufficient reason for dissolution of the marriage. The number of people with halitosis in our society is too high to be underestimated.

What are the Causes of Halitosis?

The mouth of every healthy person can smell after a meal, usually due to the meal eaten. This is a normal situation. The subject of this article is persistent halitosis findings. The biggest reason for the problem of halitosis is the neglect of oral care and not doing it enough. Halitosis is not only caused by mouth and teeth. Problems related to some internal organs can also cause halitosis. If we list them;

  • * Infections in the mouth
  • * Gum ailments
  • * Dental caries, impacted wisdom teeth
  • * Lung inflammation
  • * Diseases of the nose
  • * Misuse or neglected maintenance of intraoral prostheses
  • * Inflammation in the sinuses on the face (Sinusitis)
  • * Diabetes
  • * Disruption of salivary structure
  • * Gastrointestinal and intestinal disorders
  • * Kidney failure
  • * Dry mouth
  • * Tonsillitis 
  • * Pharyngitis 
  • * Inflammation of the Throat (Laryngitis)
  • * Leukemia or other blood diseases
  • * Use of alcohol and cigarettes
  • * Problems in the liver


What are the Treatment Methods for Halitosis?

Natural physiological halitosis can be prevented by brushing teeth or using mouthwash. Or chewing gum. Due to its ability to increase saliva secretion, sugar-free gum is effective in preventing halitosis.

It is normal for a person who eats onions or garlic to have an odor from the breath through the lungs due to the digestion of these vegetables. This is a normal physiological condition. In such cases, no treatment is required. Prostheses and bridges in the mouth should be checked and maintained. Prostheses and bridges that need to be replaced should be replaced and renewed. Drug use may be inevitable in oral infections. The success rate in oral odors is quite high, even almost 100%. If you think that mouth odor cannot be eliminated despite the necessary interventions regarding the mouth, it would be appropriate to investigate and treat non-oral causes.

If the causative agent in halitosis is related to internal organs, treatment should be started by getting support from a doctor. After the appropriate treatment, the odor is eliminated. Drug treatment can be applied for problems such as pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, adenoid inflammation or tonsillitis. If necessary, surgery is performed.

Another method that can be considered a treatment is the maintenance of prostheses. Most of the prostheses are structures that create an environment for bacterial growth. Necessary cleaning should be done by using dental floss specially designed for denture cleaning.


How Can We Prevent Halitosis?

First of all, it is necessary to make a habit of dedicating enough time to brushing teeth. Brushing time should be at least three minutes. Since it is an organ that allows bacteria to reproduce, it should not be forgotten to clean the tongue while brushing teeth.

It is also possible to eliminate halitosis by using herbs. Some plant seeds, such as anise, parsley oil capsule, can help relieve halitosis.

The use of miswak has an important place in eliminating halitosis. Some substances in the composition of miswak, especially sodium bicarbonate, are the biggest enemies of bacteria that cause halitosis. Sodium bicarbonate is approved by dentists to be an effective substance in protecting teeth and gums. Thanks to its ability to increase saliva secretion, dry mouth is prevented. Dry mouth creates a very suitable environment for bacteria. Miswak also has other health benefits. If we count some of them; It gives shine to teeth, cuts phlegm, strengthens vision, strengthens memory.

The use of the cinnamon plant has an important place in cleaning the mouth and preventing halitosis. You can use it by adding cinnamon to food or drinks.

Drinking enough water is an important weapon in the prevention of halitosis and mouth sores, as well as being effective in preventing many ailments. Drinking water increases saliva production. Saliva also plays an important role in the fight against bacteria.

Be careful not to consume foods containing flour, sugar or glucose. These nutrients prepare the favorite environments that allow bacteria to multiply rapidly.

Take care of yourself…


Spc. Dr. Omer Faruk YOLCU

Gastroenterology Specialist




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