TMC-3 Skin Bio Revitalization System; It is one of the most effective and safest applications among needle-free skin rejuvenation methods, in terms of its active ingredients and effectiveness, which does not contain harmful buffered chemicals.

Needle-Free Mesotherapy With Tmc-3 / Prof. Dr. Zennure Takcı (Dermatology Specialist)
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2 December 2023
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What is TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System?

The first and only in Turkey; fortified with antioxidants; It is a needle-free skin rejuvenation and restructuring system. As the name suggests; difference between needle-free mesotherapy and normal mesotherapy; needle is not used.

Thanks to the special molecules it has, without the use of needles;

  • * Supports collagen production under the skin
  • * Increases elasticity, provides lifting and regeneration effect in a very short time
  • * Triggers stimulation of fibroblast growth factors
  • * With its bio-strengthening effect, it provides revitalization of the skin and balancing the skin color.
  • * Supports acne treatment with its antibacterial effect


What are the Usage Purposes of the TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System?

This program provides the following;

  • * Supports collagen and elastin synthesis
  • * Increases the elasticity of the skin by revitalizing it.
  • * Fills the skin's moisture stores
  • * Balances skin color
  • * Provides antioxidant protection

After a short application lasting 15-20 minutes, the smoothing of the skin is visibly noticeable in the first session. Even in the first session, the skin becomes radiant, tightened and the skin tone becomes even.

Three to four days after the procedure; A gentle peeling is expected on the skin that will not affect daily life. This peeling does not cause sensitivity and does not harm the immunity of the skin. After this process, the moisture stores of the skin are saturated, the color integrity of the skin is ensured, and a visible reduction in fine lines is achieved. It can be done as a 4- to 6-session cure at 2-week intervals, as 2-3 cures a year, or it can be repeated every month if desired. Thus, the quality of the skin is preserved for a long time, and a kind of tissue restoration is provided both superficially and deeply.


Contents of TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System

Powerful active ingredients, which are scientifically accepted to regenerate the skin, are included in the program. These; Vitamin C, Resveratrol, Kojic acid, Organic Silica, DMAE, Lipoic acid, Lactobionic acid, Substance acid from bitter almond.

TMC-3 Skin Bio Revitalization System; It is one of the most effective and safest applications among needle-free skin rejuvenation methods, in terms of its active ingredients and effectiveness, which does not contain harmful buffered chemicals.


How Does the TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System Work?

It is actually a very smart and multifunctional application. In this application, a special molecule is used both to stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and to act as a carrier.

In order for the collagen produced to be longer and more durable, natural antioxidant substances such as vitamin C, Resveratrol and Lipoic Acid are given to the skin, the density of free radicals is reduced and the destruction of collagen is prevented. At the same time, Kojic Acid penetrates deeply and in this way inhibits the enzymes that produce melanin. This provides the anti-stain effect.

Again, with Organic Silica and DMAE, which are anti-aging active ingredients, the elasticity of the skin is increased and sagging is prevented. DMAE has a very strong antioxidant effect that protects cells from free radical attacks and increases cell tone with this feature.

Mandarin acid, which is used even on the most sensitive skin and obtained from bitter almonds, is also included in this protocol. Like this; the skin is moisturized, the upper layers of the epidermis are loosened and the dead layer is gently peeled off, allowing the top layer of the skin to be removed. Due to its antibacterial effect, it also provides a solution to acne problems.

The transmission of the products used during this process into the skin is not provided by a needle, but by special molecules that have the purpose of being created to pass under the skin and also have a carrier function.

In this way, there is a chance to help patients who do not want to apply a needle procedure with a professional technique to eliminate various problems on the skin.


In Which Problems Is TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System Effective?

  • * Eliminates skin problems that may occur due to sun exposure in summer
  • * Effective in all spots that occur after melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and wound healing
  • * It is effective in rejuvenating the skin, tightening the skin and giving it its radiance.
  • * Effective in antiaging and skin rejuvenation applications
  • * Provides the repair of scars and cracks on the body and face
  • * Removes skin damage caused by smokers
  • * While providing the treatment of acne, it removes the scars formed after acne
  • * Helps to improve the tired and dull appearance of the face.

Thanks to these functions, it is possible to have a healthier, fresher and younger looking skin with needle-free mesotherapy application. Moreover; It provides improvement in the following disadvantages.

  • * Uneven skin tone
  • * Dry skin
  • * Damaged appearance
  • * Fine lines
  • * Color imbalances (makes you look older)

It also provides the chance to treat the loss of skin elasticity and stretch marks in different parts of your body.


Who Can Benefit From TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System?

In fact, anyone who wants to delay aging can benefit from this rejuvenation system.

  • * Skin spots caused by summer sun
  • * Uneven skin tone
  • * Active acne
  • * Scar tissue
  • * Loss of elasticity
  • * Those who complain of wrinkles,
  • * Desiring a more lively and luminous skin


What are the Application Areas of the TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System?

The TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization program is not limited to the face. In addition to the face, it can also be applied to the following areas;

  • * Neck
  • * Decollete area
  • * Hands
  • * Inner arms
  • * Elbows
  • * Knees
  • * Calves

Due to its harmlessness and ease of use, it provides comfortable and safe application even on the most sensitive areas and skin.


What are the Advantages of TMC-3 Skin Bio-Revitalization System for Patients?

  • * Painless and comfortable
  • * Visible results are achieved even after the first session
  • * No recovery time to wait
  • * Since the needle is not used, pain is not felt, bleeding and bruising do not occur, and there is no redness.
  • * Does not lead to social disengagement
  • * Suitable for all skin types
  • * Applicable in summer and winter
  • * The application is very short, it can be done even during the lunch break


Prof. Dr. Zennure TAKCI

Dermatology Specialist





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