It has been shown that weight loss with bariatric surgery reduces all kinds of mortality in the long term and increases the quality of life.

Nutrition After Bariatric Surgery -1 / Rd. Sena Peksen
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26 March 2023
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Nutrition After Bariatric Surgery -1



Obesity is a chronic disease that causes a decrease in the quality and duration of life, as well as many diseases, including cancer.

The most effective treatment method for obesity, which has been accepted all over the world, is sustainable lifestyle change, together with nutrition and physical activity.

However, when an individual with morbid obesity/obesity cannot get results with lifestyle changes (medical nutrition, exercise, behavioral therapy) for years, bariatric surgery creates an effective result for this patient group because of the increase or failure of chronic diseases.

It has also been shown by meta-analyses that surgical treatment is successful, and it has been reported that it improves medical comorbidities such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and obstructive sleep apnea as well as losing excess weight.

It has also been shown that weight loss with bariatric surgery reduces all kinds of long-term mortality (deaths) and increases the quality of life.

Obesity has become an important health problem in the world, especially in developed countries.

The World Health Organization has defined obesity as a disease. According to body mass index,

  • - BMI below 18.5 kg /m2 is weak
  • - BMI between 18.5-25 kg /m2 with normal weight
  • - BMI between 25-30 kg /m2 overweight
  • - BMI between 30-35 kg /m2 obesity
  • - BMI between 35-40 kg /m2 morbid obesity
  • - BMI over 40 kg / m2 is classified as super obesity.


The Role of the Dietitian After Surgery

The duty of the dietitian is to facilitate tissue healing after the surgical procedure, to provide the intake of macro-micro nutrients, to minimize the post-procedure side effects such as nausea/vomiting, reflux, dumping syndrome, and to provide correct nutrition recommendations.

It was determined that the success of the surgery was higher in patients who were checked by a dietitian at least twice after the surgery.


The Most Important Items to Consider After Bariatric Surgery

  • * Adequate fluid intake should be ensured
  • * Wait 30 minutes between solid-liquid foods
  • * Adequate protein should be consumed
  • * The use of vitamins and minerals should not be neglected

3 Days After Bariatric Surgery

Stage 1


How to Feed in Stage 1?

Oral feeding route is opened 24 hours after the operation.

  • * Non-carbonated, sugar-free and caffeine-free liquids
  • * Unsweetened fruit juices prepared with fresh fruits and diluted (grain-free, filtered, clear)
  • * Degreased and diluted chicken, beef or vegetable stock
  • * Herbal teas (linden, chamomile, fennel)

What Should You Pay Attention to in Stage 1?

  • * The liquid to be taken should not be too hot or too cold
  • * Should be left if saturation / occlusion is felt
  • * You should not lie down for 30 - 45 minutes after fluid intake and sit in an upright position.
  • * Fluid intake should be 1.5 - 2 liters and half of it should be just water

Stage 2

Liquid nutrition should be completed in the first week of the second stage.

  • * Tanesiz çorbalar (Et suyu, tavuk suyu ilaveli)
  • * Laktozsuz süt / yüksek proteinli süt / Probiyotik yoğurt / Badem sütü / kefir / ayran
  • * Açık çay / ıhlamur
  • * Şekersiz komposto (Elma, armut, ananas, vs)
  • * Daily protein target is 60 - 80 gr, it should be noted that there is 1 protein source at each meal
  • * 1.5 - 2 liters of water should be completed
  • * Eating speed can be slowed down by using dessert spoon instead of soup spoon
  • * Food should be left when saturation is felt.

Things to avoid in the first week of the second stage;

  • * Acidic drinks, high-calorie liquids, caffeinated drinks should not be consumed.
  • * Dried legumes should be avoided.
  • * The use of heavy tomato paste and spices in soups should be avoided.
  • * Rapid and instant consumption should not be made.
  • * Fruit juices with gas-forming properties should not be consumed.
  • * Cooking techniques are important (fries should be avoided)


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