Pediatric dentists will make the most accurate determination and apply the most accurate treatment protocol, not only on the mouth and teeth structure of children, but also on child psychology, due to the education they have received.

Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics) / Spc. Dt Yesim Sagır
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26 March 2023
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On Children and Their Health

Children; for every mother and father, they are the most valuable and special assets of life. Every parent wants to raise their children beautifully and correctly. They consider themselves responsible with the motive of protecting their children, regardless of their age, to prevent them from experiencing any health problems throughout their lives. This task is, of course, a very sacred task. Because the health problems experienced by children do not only destroy the children's bodies and psychology, but also cause emotional wear out of the parents. Therefore, every mother and father mobilizes to ensure that their child does not have a health problem or to find a solution immediately if he does.


Children and Dental Problems

Due to the fact that children are young and are quite active and mischievous as the natural course of this situation, they mostly experience problems in oral and dental health. These problems not only negatively affect the health of children, but also harm their psychological state. Sometimes they face the situation of serious psychological problems in front of the mirror image and sometimes after the jokes of their friends.


Why Pediatric Dentist?

For this, they should definitely take children to a pediatric dentist (pedodontist) or clinic at the point of oral and dental health. Because pediatric dentists, who have specialized in oral and dental health for children, will make the most accurate determination and apply the most accurate treatment protocol not only on the oral and dental structure of children, but also on child psychology, After the treatment performed by pediatric dentists, children regain their health in a shorter time and are quite happy.


Children's Dental Health

Now, as the medical community unanimously agrees, many diseases and ailments experienced enter the body through the mouth. Therefore, maintaining oral and dental health is very important for physical and mental health. Especially since children are more vulnerable than adults due to their constitution and physiological structure, their oral and dental health must be protected with the utmost care. Otherwise, diseases will be inevitable. As a result, psychological diseases will follow. Because diseases affect not only the body but also the mental structure negatively.


Children's Dental Treatment

Children, especially young children, take many substances into their mouths. They even try to break hard objects with their teeth. As a result of this, problems such as teeth and gum diseases, jaw, mouth and tooth arrangement also show themselves. Pediatric dental treatment detects these problems and the most accurate treatment is applied by a pediatric dentist, that is, by pedodontists. Today, operations such as filling, canal, fluorine, fissure sealant, milk tooth zirconium applications, stainless steel coating can be done for children. Sedation and general anesthesia, which are required for some dental treatments specifically for children, are performed under the responsibility of pedodontists.


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