Since the beginning of the 2000s, the word Longevity has become an increasingly concrete concept in medicine; It represents a 'HEALTHY, NATURAL AND LONG LIFE'

The Shape Modern Medicine Gives To Ancient Knowledge: Longevity / Dr. Onur Cubukcu (Ozon & Antiaging & Getat)
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8 June 2023
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The Shape Modern Medicine Gives to Ancient Knowledge: LONGEVITY



Since the beginning of the 2000s, the word Longevity has become an increasingly concrete concept in medicine; It represents a 



Not so long ago, did you hear how short the life expectancy of people in western society was? The average life expectancy for men in British society was 34 years, an average of 24.7 years for a Prussian man, and 27.5 to 30 years for French men. Unfortunately for women, they did not even see the need to keep such a record. Even the average life expectancy for men and women in the 1950s world was 48 years. Aren't all these averages of age you've been reading so short that it's unacceptable for the living today to accept that death is coming?

What the explorer Samuel de Champlain, who founded the city of Quebec in Canada, wrote about the longevity of Canadian Indians at that time, was the subject of heated debate in the medical societies of doctors who could hardly even see their 50s for years. Looking at what Daniel N. Paul, an award-winning writer, wrote about this community (Mi'kmaq natives), we can reveal the secret of this long life; low stress, lean meats, a wide variety of vegetables and legumes should be sought in a fibrous and healthy diet.


The fact that 'Longevity Medicine' should be accepted first;

The more you invest in yourself in the long run, the better the results will be.


In this way, which we want to be long-term, the benefits we will see when our lifestyle choices, good nutrition and active life affect our quality of life positively. And to overcome all these, a planned and professional medical support may be required.

I would like to explain and justify the history of Longevity Medicine, its development, how it is nourished by far Asian medicine and ancient medicine tradition, but I think it would not be right to go into such details on a subject that has just begun to be known.

From this point on, we should talk about refinement of their business, but a serious warning right from the start will be there. Every concept is exploited by the world of commerce, never mind that all these concepts are used and will be exploited from now on. If you think about the advertisements made by the giant market of billions of vitamins in tablet form in the USA today, achieving longevity with a tablet you drink every day will remain a sweet dream.


According to Alex Zhavoronkov, longevity medicine; supported by complex biomarkers of aging and longevity.

It is a comprehensive and personalized preventive medicine practice.


A serious evaluation examination lasting one hour or more with your doctor every 3 months is the most basic building block. Apart from these one-on-one meetings, the presence of an accessible physician who can discuss small questions and get back to you when needed is essential for you to receive guidance on this long journey. Documenting the situation with evidence, from hormone levels to complete blood counts, from disease risk tests to tests that can evaluate a successful physiology, including comprehensive laboratory analyzes that will follow you according to the risks you carry, is another important stop to stay on the right track. When assessing risks, detecting joint damage caused by sexual dysfunction, dementia, cancers, heart disease, diabetes, brain shrinkage, Alzheimer's disease symptoms, many rheumatic diseases that occur after the immune system overworks, and aging joints, and intervening all these before they impair quality of life. is an artistic touch of longevity medicine.

Another side of the contents is to plan the treatments that need to be completed by calculating the load of aging, your metabolism and hormones, to replace the missing minerals, vitamins and enzymes, and to replace them in the right doses without making you sick.

Being able to introduce a healthy eating plan into your life with tips, information and recipes that will help you eat right, feel great and lose weight without restricting you to eat healthy is another main way. Dietitian recommendations, intermittent fasting, short detox cures, nutritional recommendations you will receive after long and person-based evaluations of functional medicine are indispensable but enjoyable sections.

Another subject that we must follow; It is the control of the adequacy of vision and hearing, as well as foot health, which can cause foot pressure sores, which are often seen in people with diabetes, heart and circulatory disorders, and unfortunately, foot amputation and disabled life.

The circadian rhythm in medicine affects the behavioral, biochemical and impressive effects of the concept of "day" on all living things, in 24 hours of day and night on its own axis. It affects the circadian rhythm, nutrition, sleep, happiness, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, the release of hormones and the release of neuro-messengers and bio-messengers that communicate between our tissues. While it has become commonplace to ignore these very important benefits in conventional hospital transportation, it is necessary to approach a purification approach that looks at the sine qua non of our biology for a long healthy and quality life.

As you can see, doctors who will work on these issues have a lot of work to do...

Do not be afraid! No matter how much you want a long and healthy life when you think about it, it may seem like it would be difficult to make a Lifestyle Change. This is where "Feasibility" and "Sustainability", which are among the most important curriculum topics in the training programs of doctors working on Longevity Medicine, come into play.



It is possible with “feasibility” to suggest a change by considering the income, living standards, working hours, roles in the family and social life of the person while suggesting what to do to the person who wants a behavioral change.



There is another problem seen in people who have made sacrifices and troubles for lifestyle changes and have already started to see results. Being able to offer options that can diversify what to do in order not to enter into another boring and negligible routine after a certain period of time before reaching the permanent behavior change stage is “sustainability”.

What your doctor can do about this is related to his work experience and his ability to follow you and your needs.


Roadmap of Longevity Medicine *

  • A comprehensive interview at regular intervals 
  • An accessible physician, even after interviews 
  • Identifying and reporting status, risks and deficiencies 
  • Treatments
    • Replacement therapies 
    • Editing treatments 
    • Strengthening treatments
    • Maintenance treatments
    • Managing lifestyle changes   

                        * With only the most basic headlines


While getting older is inevitable, it is always possible to feel younger.

You don't have to accept the usual changes that come with aging. You can embrace life again with POWER, ENERGY and PASSION. Ask your doctor to help you do this!

Using cutting-edge medicine, a professional and experienced doctor and his team can assist you in slowing and often reversing the effects of aging that were once thought to be unavoidable. It can ensure that you are in the most ideal health conditions for you by suggesting a special work program for each individual.

“Live longer, feel younger and remember; It's our right to feel good!”


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