Health tourism in Turkey generally has very good opportunities and can be easily preferred. Apart from the correction of vital health problems, services can be provided for aesthetic operations and oral and dental health.

Things To Know About Health Tourism
Health Tourism
8 June 2023
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Health tourism is the most important type of tourism in recent years and it is a very useful type of tourism both for countries and for those who want to get support for health. Health tourism has emerged as a need beyond pleasure or enjoyment. Because, unfortunately, not every country has enough opportunities in terms of health. Therefore, people should visit countries where opportunities are wider in order to receive adequate health support. The general name of these trips is health tourism. There are extremely important details about health tourism that should be known. We would like to give information about health tourism for those who are curious.

Why is Health Tourism Important?

Health tourism has an extremely important place in many countries, especially in our country. It is of particular importance for both the service provider and the recipients. Thanks to health tourism, a new economic opportunity arises for countries. In addition, the country is enriched in terms of tourism and the level of welfare increases. It is much more important in terms of the prestige of the countries. For those who will benefit from health tourism, much more important benefits can be mentioned. The general advantages of this service are:

  • More progress can be made in the treatment of many diseases.
  • Labor productivity increases for employees.
  • The value and importance of natural resources, which are beneficial for health, increases. In addition, the tourism value increases in the regions where these resources are located.
  • Income increase is achieved both in those regions and throughout the country.

Types of Health Tourism 

Although health tourism is evaluated under one title, it actually has many different types. There are many different types, depending on the people presented and the purpose for which they are taken. Types of health tourism are generally as follows:


  • Medical Tourism: It is one of the most common health tourism. It is a type of tourism that is offered to people who have insufficient medical services in their own country, to apply for the medical aid of another country.
  • Thermal Tourism: It is the visits made to the places where the person applies for his physical and mental health and where there are usually healing waters and natural resources. All holidays in thermal facilities are included in this category.
  • Tourism for the Elderly and Disabled: In this type of health tourism offered to the elderly and the disabled, opportunities such as continuing the treatment and traveling, having a good time and having a vacation are offered together. Nursing homes, holiday villages, recreation areas are used in this type of tourism.

Who Can Participate in Health Tourism?

Anyone who has health problems or wants to rest in general can participate in health tourism services. First of all, people who need health support and are treated in another country can benefit from health tourism support. In addition, these types of tourism can be preferred especially for those who want to have a pleasant holiday and who want to relax mentally and physically during the holiday. Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for a country. Health tourism, on the other hand, is extremely important both for a country's income source and for the health of people. In short, anyone who wants can participate in health tourism and you can get much more benefit from many other types of tourism.

Health Tourism Opportunities in Turkey

Being one of the important centers of health tourism, Turkey is improving itself in this field day by day. As the demands for health tourism in Turkey increase day by day, much more progress is shown. Health tourism in Turkey generally has very good opportunities and can be easily preferred. Apart from the correction of vital health problems, services can be provided for aesthetic operations and oral and dental health. The thermal springs and healing waters in Turkey also provide the development of health tourism.




Participate in tours, excursions and holidays in Turkey's most beautiful cities, get treatment in Turkey's best doctors with health tourism.