Health tourism is a visit from one's own country to another country for the purpose of treating diseases, relaxation and rehabilitation.

What Purpose Is Health Tourism Used For?
Health Tourism
2 December 2023
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Health tourism is one of the most preferred types of tourism in many countries, especially in Turkey. Sometimes the country we live in is not enough to meet the health-related needs. In this case, what needs to be done is to use health tourism to countries with more developed health conditions and systems. At this point, it is actually health tourism for people to visit hot springs, healing waters or thermal places. However, the main subject of health tourism is that people apply to a health institution in a country for treatment and are treated in this health institution.


What is Health Tourism?

The question of what is health tourism has become more and more curious in recent years and many people want to apply for tourism tours. Although tourism and cultural tours come to mind first, they are not limited to these. Because there is a type of tourism that has been done a lot in our country and has been much more preferred in recent years. Health tourism is a visit from one's own country to another country for the purpose of treating diseases, relaxation and rehabilitation. People who travel for health are also called health tourists in general. Today, health tourism in the world has started to develop and increase its scope.


The Purposes of Preferring Health Tourism

Health tourism support is preferred for many reasons and people may have very serious reasons. Many people may only think about how to go from one country to another for treatment. However, the essence of the matter, unfortunately, contains much more concrete reasons. It is important that it can be preferred for the treatment of very serious diseases such as eye, tooth, infertility treatment, aesthetics, in vitro fertilization, heart and vascular treatments, and joint prosthesis. As well as health tourism is highly preferred for alternative medicine. In addition to these, other reasons why patients prefer health tourism:

  • Lack of high-tech healthcare facilities in the country of residence.
  • Lack and scarcity of professional health services.
  • Waiting a long time to get health care.
  • The fact that health services are expensive in their own countries and that these services can be used at much more affordable prices in other countries.
  • Desire to receive higher quality health care services.
  • Not wanting his/her surgery to be known in his/her own country.
  • The fact that his/her health insurance causes problems in his country.
  • Elderly, disabled and people with chronic diseases should be treated in a more suitable environment.
  • People with addictions, especially drugs, want to be treated in more suitable environments.
  • Wanting to take a vacation in addition to treatment
  • Desiring to use the benefits of thermal waters in countries where thermal tourism is developed.
  • Desiring to use the geographical and climatic conditions of a different country.
  • The common reason for people who want to benefit from health tourism is that the countries they prefer have more developed opportunities and it is much more economical.

Turkey Health Tourism

In terms of health tourism, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the world and benefited by many people. Since our health services are developed, economical and alternative health services are abundant, it supports thousands of people every year. Along with the health system in our country, the abundance of thermal waters and spas also makes people visit our country for health. Many people prefer our country both to organize cultural tours and to relax physically and spiritually.

In short, Turkey is an important country in terms of health tourism, which is highly developed and preferred by thousands of people from all over the world. We can easily say that it is already one of the leading countries in the world with its advanced health services and approach to patients.




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