Working in the same clinic, Spc. Dr. Neslihan Yağmur (Anesthesia and Reanimation) and Assoc. Prof. Çağlayan Yağmur (Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive) Couple, is facing the challenges of life and profession together.

Working İn The Same Clinic, Dr. Neslihan Yağmur And Assoc. Çağlayan Yağmur Couple Reflects The Harmony İn Their Marriage To Their Business Life. (Episode 1)
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26 March 2023
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The couple, whose friendships started during the assistant years, turned into marriage in the next period and who have been working in the same clinic for three years, reflect the harmony in their marriage to their business life.


When did you first meet?

Ç.Y.: I was a Plastic Surgery assistant when we met Ms. Neslihan. Neslihan Hanım was a student at the Faculty of Medicine. It was January of 2005. This is what we call “love at first sight”. After that, events developed rapidly. We crowned our union with marriage in 2007, after first the oral and then the engagement phase.


Is it fun to work together?

N.Y.: It is really priceless to face the responsibility of life together and not to hurt each other while doing this. We enjoy working together. We benefit from each other's expertise or ideas.


What are you doing together?

N.Y.: Actually, chatting together is our favorite activity. I think communication is the most important foundation of family unity. When you chat and share your sorrows and joys, you get to know and complement each other better. Chatting, going for nature walks, watching good movies and recommending books to each other are the things we do most often. I can say that we shape this life together.


Is it pleasant and nice to work in the same environment? What emotions do you feel while working here?

Ç.Y.: I definitely find it enjoyable to work in the same environment. If you can reflect the harmony of your marriage to the workplace, things are really pleasant and beautiful. The synergy here is reflected in our entire life and professional practice. Ms. Neslihan is an Anesthesiologist and it is also an advantage for us to be able to reflect her professional knowledge and experience in the practice of aesthetic procedures here. When we decided to work together, at first, “you are together at home and at work; Won't that be a handicap for you?" There were comments like Of course, these comments were friendly. But rest assured, we certainly didn't feel anything negative about it. We are a couple, I think, who really enjoys working together. Being a doctor is a very sacred profession, you have to sacrifice your own life. Before we worked at the clinic, we never got a chance to see each other. Since we work in the same environment, we have a higher chance of seeing each other. There is no such thing as 'my work is over, let's go' here. We love helping people.


What are the unique challenges of being a doctor?

Ç.Y.: The specific challenges of being a doctor are actually the specific challenges of medicine, that is, the specific challenges of working in the medical field. Of course, there is a human factor involved, and the solution of human-related problems is multidimensional. If we deal with the situations that can get better with surgery and our interventions, there is no problem. However, the psychosocial conditions of people in general can cause difficulties. In order to solve them, we encounter these difficulties less when we do our job in a friendly, trusting atmosphere. In addition to this, there is a statement that "it is never one hundred percent in medicine" and this is very true. I think the difficulties here are mostly due to the fact that the doctor-patient relationship is carried out on the basis of trust and without adequate information. Being aware of these, we try to perform our profession by empathizing and informing our patients as much as we can to overcome these difficulties.


How did you decide to become a doctor?

Ç.Y.: I think my late father had an influence on my decision to become a doctor. My late father was also a doctor. However, we lost my father when I was fourteen. This motivated me to take my father's place in the future. I remember getting motivated to see myself as a doctor, to pursue his professional practice, his title. However, my success in middle and high school was mostly on science. In this sense, although I love mathematics very much, I wanted to work in the direction of science. In this sense, one of the best professions to choose was medicine. My interest in this basic science perspective played an important role in my becoming an academician afterwards.


(End of the 1st part of the interview)




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