Maternity aesthetics, in fact, is the operation of correcting the problems in the breast, abdomen, waist and back region in a single operation, if possible. This is called torsoplasty.

Maternity Aesthetics -1 / Op. Dr. Nazli Tosun (Aesthetic Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery)
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26 March 2023
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What is Maternity Aesthetics?

Maternity aesthetics, in fact, is the operation of correcting the problems in the breast, abdomen, waist and back region in a single operation, if possible. This is called torsoplasty. Since there are problems in these regions mostly with childbirth, it has started to be named as maternity aesthetics. Apart from birth, problems in this region can also be seen due to excessive weight gain and loss.


Why Is It Better and Preferred to Perform These Operations Together?

In fact, the breast, abdomen, back, waist and hip regions of a person's body are aesthetically complete. While there may be a problem in one area alone in this region, problems in the breast, abdomen and waist region usually occur together. Even if the aesthetic appearance of a single region is corrected, it does not bring complete satisfaction as the problems in other regions will remain. When the aesthetic appearance of all these areas is corrected, the patient can achieve the desired appearance with a single operation. In addition, the breast and abdomen are interconnected. After the breast operation is performed first, there may be new deformations in the breast, as the location of the lower fold of the breast will change when a tummy tuck is performed in the future. Also, a woman with a beautiful body shape before pregnancy is unhappy with the deformations experienced during pregnancy. Everyone is happy to know that he can regain his old appearance in a single step.


Who Is Maternity Aesthetics Performed?

It can be applied to people who have sagging, cracks and camber appearance in the abdomen, excessive breast growth, sagging or shrinkage in the breasts, as well as resistant lubrication in the waist and back region, after giving birth or after excessive weight gain.


What Operations Are Performed in Maternity Aesthetics?

In fact, it is evaluated and planned according to the patient and his problem. If the breasts are large and sagging, breast reduction and lift is performed. If there is enough tissue in the breasts, but there is sagging, breast lift is performed, and if there is shrinkage, breast lift with a prosthesis is performed. Full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck are performed for sagging, looseness and cracks in the abdomen. If there is fat in the belly area, waist area, back area, liposuction is added. If there is smallness and sagging in the hip, the fat taken is injected into the hip and butt correction is made.


What Should Be Considered Before Surgery?

In fact, smoking should be stopped 3-4 weeks beforehand, as is the case with most surgeries. Except for paracetamol, other painkillers should not be used. One week before the operation, if he is using blood thinners, he should be discontinued. Again, starting from 4-5 days before, constipating foods should be cut and fed with fiber foods. Since breast operation will also be performed, evaluation is made with mammography and breast ultrasound. In fact, for the best results, the person should have lost their excess weight and approached their ideal weight. In people with a high body mass index, both surgery and anesthesia are risky and it is difficult to achieve the ideal result in terms of aesthetics.


Is Anesthesia Required for This Surgery and How Many Hours Does It Take?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, it takes between 4-6 hours depending on the operations to be performed. Due to the increased risk of embolism, care is taken not to exceed 6 hours.


Will there be pain in these operations?

Due to the strong painkillers administered during and after the surgery, the pain is not felt much. In particular, most of the patients state that they do not understand that the operation is performed on their breasts. Although tension and pain in the abdomen may be felt for the first few days, the painkillers given are sufficient. There is no intense pain like bone fracture pain.


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